A new bank for
Small & Medium Businesses

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Business Banking based on Humans, Tech & Transparency


Making bankers useful
and trustworthy again.

Bankers are often perceived as disguised salesmen. They rarely have enough autonomy to make decisions and the tools they use are completely outdated to really help their customers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: we want to give bankers the crucial role they used to have. We believe bankers should and must be empowered. Well-equipped and trained bankers will become the modern day financial heroes so many companies have been waiting for.


Using technology everywhere.
Making it work for everyone.

We are strongly convinced that technology should be used everywhere for the benefit of all. Administrative tasks should be automated and chores eradicated to allow humans to focus on high-added-value missions only.

This is why we are building our entire tech stack completely from scratch, one brick at a time. We believe having a clean and debt-free infrastructure is the only way to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers and bankers.


Being transparent
in everything we do.

Who has access to my bank account? Why do I have to pay some additional fees? How is my money invested? Where is my money stored? Is it even safe?

We believe that a modern bank should provide a clear explanation to each of these questions and bring complete transparency on pricing, cash management, security, delays…


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